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Goody Girls Contribute to the Community

The Goody Girls BBQ Team is very committed to being involved in our local community.  In 1998 we became a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization under the Internal Revenue Code and made it our mission to give back to the community.  Since that time we have contributed over $300,000 to charity. 

To see the Calf Scramblers that we have most recently supported, please click on the Calf Scrambler Winners link on the right hand corner of this page.

2014-2015 Charities

Last season we supported the HLS&R Calf Scramble ($7,500), the Ag Mechanics ($5,000) and The Armed Forces Appreciation Committee ($1,000).  Our newest charity is the Children's Music Foundation ($1,500), which you can read more about at http://thechildrensmusicfoundation.org

HLSR AG Mechanics

The Goody Girls have the great pleasure of sponsoring several Ag Mechanic groups.  Some from the past year include:

Gilmer FFA

Kendall County 4H

Lumberton FFA

Wise County 4H

Dulles FFA

El Campo FFA

Pewitt FFA

Sulphur Springs FFA

Priddy FFA




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